A big variety of hotels are found in Ecuador going from the budget accommodation up to the high end and upscale clientele who is looking for luxury hotels or boutique hostels. In Ecuador you can stay in the most comfortable Amazon lodges in the Forest or cozy colonial haciendas in the Andes.
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This option if for those passengers who enjoy the nature surrounded by comfort. The haciendas in Ecuador are full of history, traditions and legends. Most of them are far away from the cities and that makes it perfect to enjoy the climate and observe the life of the chagras in the highlands.




Hacienda Rumi Loma in QuitoHACIENDA RUMI LOMA Hacienda Rumiloma is the ideal place for, Business meetings, Social gatherings, Romantic evenings, Afternoon tea, Dinner with family and friends.
Capacity for 80 people. A luxury private dining room for 16 people. We have over 60 plates to cater to your tastes.


Hacienda Primavara Wilderness EcolodgeHACIENDA PRIMAVERA Wilderness Ecolodge is located in the El Choco rainforest reserve. This is a great option for travelers looking to combine a trip to the Ecuadorian tropical forests with a hacienda experience. The hacienda is located three hours Northwest of Quito and one and a half hours Northwest of Otavalo. The same family...