Ecuador is one of the most attractive countries and safe places in South America, for this reason many people from United States, Canada and Europe are moving to Ecuador, a country with a spring weather all the time, warm and friendly people and very affordable home prices.
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A quick description of the city that is appropriate is that it is 'a city in the midst of change.' Going back about a decade or more, one would not even really recognize how much has changed in the biggest city in the whole of Ecuador. Guayaquil has seen some major rebuilding in the past years and there are more currently being redone and built.

Compared to Quito, which is classified by the nearby beautiful mountains, Guayaquil is characterized by the river that actually also carries its name, the Rio Guayas. The parks in the city are the best places to go to according to tourists and those living in Guayaquil Ecuador. Experience dining al fresco in the riverfront while seeing the cultural majesties of the city. Go to the most happening bars and restaurants and drink and dine. One can also walk downtown and go through the pedestrian walkway then the shopping district and spend a warm afternoon looking through local and international shopping items.

As the largest city and the commercial center in the country, it is a nice thought that the people living in Guayaquil Ecuador has managed to keep its cultural heritage. There are several large universities in Guayaquil and this large student population also helps shape the ongoing and future of the city. The main industries are shrimp exporting, petroleum refining, and food processing. But with the cultural rootedness of people living in Guayaquil, one will also get to see the theater and the booming film and art scene.

Guayaguil information to remember: all flights to the Galapagos Islands stop or originate in this city. Other Guayaquil information is that the city's name, Guayaquil, stands for 'the land like a beautiful prairie on the land of the Quilcas.' There is a legend that it comes from a Puna Indian chief, Guayas, who fought against the Incas and then the Spanish colonizers. Plus the wife of Guayas named Quil.

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