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Ecuador is in a unique position being directly on the equator. This makes Ecuador perfect for travelling all year round, also because there are only two seasons instead of four: winter (rainy season) and summer (dry season).

Although we, nor anyone else, can predict the weather in this country, here are some general patterns of each reigion:



The weather in the Galápagos Islands is largely determined by the ocean currents. Normally from June to December, there is a cold current rising from the south which creates a cool moist fog called "garúa", close to the ocean making the climate rather cool and dry. In December, the wind has less force, the ocean is calm and the currents change, surrounding the islands with the warm Pánama Current from the North. These currents create a definable weather pattern of hot sunny mornings followed by clouds and occaisional showers in the afternoons. Needless to say, this is usually the favorite time to visit. Based on all of this information, it would be safe to say: from June to December it's cool, cloudy and dry. From December to June it's warm, sunny and rainy.


Even though this region is layed on top of the equator it's not as hot as you might expect it to be. The temperature ranges and the weather alway depends on the altitude and the time of year. Obviously, as a general rule, the higher you are in altitude, the colder it will be. Given this, in Quito the temperature won't get lower than 5ºC (42ºF) at night, and about 28ºC (88ºF) during the day. The rainy season of the Andes takes place usually from December to May and the rest of the year is relatively sunny. It's hard to predict Ecuador's weather. During the rainy season it may rain in the afternoons, if it rains at all.


A relatively constant thing in the Amazon is that it's humid and warm. The average temperatures are from about 20ºC to 28ºC (72ºF to 88ºF) and "dry season" is usually from November to March, which, like everything else related with the ecuadorian weather, isn't constant.


The coast, is where you can always expect with a hot atmosphere, making a swim in the Pacific Ocean pleasent. The teperatures range stretches from 24ºC to 30ºC (80ºF to 92ºF). Rainy season is usually is from December until May and the dryer stage takes place the rest of the year.

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