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Ecuador is a privileged country, it offers visitors such wealth and diversity as are rarely found in the world. Important natural wonders as the Amazon rainforest, the tropical jungles in the Choco, the majestic Andes and the snowcapped volcanoes, Pacific coast beaches and the crown jewel named Galapagos Islands where the closest encounters with nature are possible.

To minimize your impact on the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos, park authorities have come up with rules which visitors must follow. These are always clearly explained upon entering the park. On land, trails have been established and visitors are expected to not wander from these trails. Please respect all of the rules that you will be told about when you arrive.

Native fauna lives luckily without natural predators. Birds and other animals are virtually fearless. Visitors can walk along trails and pass within inches of the wildlife.

Ecuador´s people offer live cultures at indigenous markets and artisan villages. Ancient cultures have also left their mark here: Inca, Caras, Puruhaes, Quichua and Cañari among many other civilisations followed one another, making the history of Ecuador one of the richest. Ecuador is magical blend of ancient and present, contemporary cities mix with ancient cultures and ancestral traditions. Adventure, mysticism, culture, gastronomy, nature and much more in a single country.

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